“I have been going for weekly therapeutic massages with Tasha for over two years. My problem areas include a herniated disc, frozen shoulder and on-going neck problems. Working with her  has greatly improved my quality  of life by eliminating pain and significantly increasing range of motion. I highly recommend Tasha – she is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate  and professional.”     Marlene S.

“Tasha does a great job! Was having some shoulder and back issues and she has greatly relieved the discomfort-thanks.”     Rob Z.

“If you want a great massage, not a good massage but a great one, make an appointment with Tasha. She is always on time and has hands of magic. Just when you pray to yourself I hope she doesn’t stop massaging in that very spot she doesn’t. Talk or be chill. I have been a client for years and will be for years. She is simply the best!”       C.R.

Reviews from MyTime scheduling website:

Carolyn F.

excellent massage addressing all of my ailments!

Caroline C.

great massage, very friendly and accommodating. easy to find and i liked the space! will definitely be back

John M.

Excellent service and attention to a sports injury.

Deborah S.

Ms. Paunovic is the best massage therapist I have met, and having had fibomyalgia and arthritis for 30 years, that is saying a lot. I have been through many a massage therapist, physical therapist and orthopedic doctor, and she is the best at finding knots/trigger points/myofascial pain and strong enough to manage them. I cannot wait to make another appointment.

John M.

Great massage by Tasha

Katherine H.

Amazing! Very knowledgeable!

Brian L.

Enjoyed my first massage with Tasha. Feeling great afterwards. Clearly she knows what she’s doing. Only suggestion is that I could have used more feedback as to her thoughts as to what to work on. Will definitely be back for more massages.

Diane B.

Wonderful atmosphere and a great massage.

Dolores K.

The very best massage I have ever had!

Robert A.

I will be a regular.

Joseph E.

Very helpful! Will be back.

Nancy J.

Was great, no complaints!

Mark F.

Always feel better when I leave.

Nancy R.

Wow, Tasha knows her stuff! I walked out feeling like jelly!

Catherine J.

Excellent technique and experience!

Susan B.

Thank you Tasha! You addressed the trouble areas. It was a much needed session. Can’t wait to return!

Francis W.

Very professional. Excellent treatment.

Stacy K.

Addressed my specific injury needs.

Jacquie L.

Amazing!!! Best around:)

Michael H.

Good job, better than expected overall. Certainly a top 10.

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