Massages and Pricing

Book Massage from Recovery Massage in Winnetka

Deep tissue, Swedish, Myofascial and Sports massage techniques, and Trigger Point therapy are blended together to create the most therapeutic session for whatever muscular tension needs relieving. Myofascial Release uses specific techniques to stretch and repair the connective issue between your muscles, and Trigger Point therapy uses focused pressure to break up adhesions within the muscles. Combined with general massage techniques and stretching, a Therapeutic Massage session is a formidable tool against muscle tension.

Thirty minutes – $50

Forty-five minutes – $70

Sixty minutes – $85

Seventy-five minutes – $100

Ninety minutes – $115

2 hours – $165

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel your appointment, I request that you do so 24 hours in advance to give the best opportunity for your appointment time to be filled. Without proper notice, you may be charged 50% of the appointment price. If you don’t show for your appointment without cancelling, the full cost will be due. Thank you for your understanding and consideration of my time.

Call me at 847-630-5923, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also email me at or use this contact form. Connect with Recovery Massage on Facebook to keep yourself updated on news and specials.


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